How to choose the best clip-on tuners?
Clip-on tuners have absolutely exploded in popularity over the last couple years. No other guitar tuner offers the affordability or convenience. And as technology has improved, even cheap clip-on tuners now provide amazing accuracy vs. their more expensive siblings - rack and pedal tuners etc. You can find clip-on tuners for as little as $10-20 from very dependable brands like Korg, Fishman, Peterson, and Snark. And the best clip-on tuners are packed with features like backlit displays, built-in metronomes, rotating displays, drop tuning, transposition, and vibration sensing. Wether you are tuning your guitar, brass instruments, violons or other stringed instruments, we recommend clip-on tuners as the easiest and most affordable way to keep your instrument in tune, at home and on stage.